Baan-Yen the elephant wasn’t in good shape at first. The poor animal was very skinny and suffered from an eye infection after she was forced into abuse in a trekking camp. Elephant trekking may seem like a fun vacation activity, but carrying tourists on their back can be damaging to the elephants’ backs and lead to pain, deformity and long term problems.

But Baan-Yen’s abuse came to and end, and thankfully, she is now doing much better by living out her life at Elephant Nature Park. Check out her journey from sick to amazing.


Poor Baan-Yen was worked too hard at the trekking camp.

The abuse left her sick, sad and lonely.

No living creature should have to endure abuse. We are so grateful that some kind Samaritans came to her rescue.

She got to go on a journey to a much better place, where she would be happy and live in peace.


Off to Elephant Nature Park, woohoo!

Erica Ward, a veterinarian, said Baan Yen was a bit nervous when she first arrived at the park. Erica noticed the elephant had abscesses all over her body due to abuse, most likely from hooks.


The team worked hard to show the elephant that they would not do her any harm. They tried to make her as comfortable as possible.

They scrubbed her every day, which eventually helped open and drain some of the abscesses.


Erica says that Baan Yen is a sweet elephant, and she is adjusting to her new environment very well.

She developed a great appetite and started eating more.

Finally, this innocent elephant gets to receive the love and care she deserves.

She also gets to hang out with other awesome elephant friends!

It’s clear that elephants’ spirits are broken when humans decide to abuse them. Our animal friends deserve happy, healthy lives, and we’re thrilled this elephant has been healed and is loving life.  Have fun out there, Baan Yen!


Watch the entire video below: