Meet Marcello the former puppy mill dog.  Though he appears restful and at peace now, this poor animal was a prisoner in a commercial dog breeding facility for nearly a decade.  During his time there, this poor pup was brutally used as a machine to produce puppies for sale in pet stores. Thankfully, National Mill Dog Rescue (NMDR) gave this adorable creature a second chance, and he is now free to get belly rubs from the organization’s volunteers any time he wants.

The compassionate volunteer in this video is comforting Marcello, even singing a soothing lullaby to him.  Marcello has never known affection before, but he is finally learning that people can be caring rather than vicious.  That is why something as simple as a belly rub is such a huge thing for this dog.

NMDR works to rescue, rehabilitate, and find decent homes for breeding dogs that were once used as commodities in dog mills.  They also aim to educate people about the cruelness of the puppy mill industry.  Dogs like Marcello spend their whole lives in cages, deprived of necessities such as food and proper healthcare. Seeing Marcello so content, we can’t help but to wonder how could anyone allow anything cruel happen to such a sweet animal. That’s why it’s important to reconsider buying your pet from a pet store and think about adoption!  You can help out the NMDR by donating.