Pixie and Stitch are an unlikely duo who have been lucky enough to find homes at Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary in Victoria, Australia. Located in the picturesque Macedon Mountains, this amazing animal sanctuary has become a lifelong refuge for many of Australia’s homeless, neglected, and abused animals. Among their longtime residents are Pixie the shy calf and one of her besties, an outgoing cat named Stitch.

We first met Pixie a few months ago, after she was discarded by a dairy farmer for having severely bowed legs. Luckily, the good folks at Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary  were there to get the helpless calf the medical attention that she needed and to offer her a lifelong home. Stitch arrived at Edgar’s Mission under a slightly different set of circumstances. Her family was found hiding under a forklift in a local factory. Instead of tossing them into the street, someone called Edgar’s Mission and this is where the happy family has made their home.


Since then, Stitch has become a vet nurse of sorts, wandering around the farm, offering her kitty cat love to all of the animals in need. With Stich’s help, Pixie has been healing nicely and is finally beginning to coming out of her shell!

This simple friendship would not have been possible without the help and dedication of the staff at Edgar’s Mission, who work tirelessly to provide these animals quality care in their lifelong homes. If you would like to help them in their mission, visit their website.