Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind!

This was certainly the motto that the Edgar’s Mission team followed when they were called to rescue a group of kittens who had been abandoned in a warehouse. The kittens were huddled inside of a forklift and the worker who discovered them knew that if they were to turn on the machine, the babies would be killed.

Luckily, Edgar’s team got there just in time and managed to extract the kittens one by one. But, despite their best efforts it seemed the mother was no where to be found. Thinking the babies had been left, rescuers set on their way back to the sanctuary. No sooner had they left the factory that they received a call from one of the workers, informing them that the mother had been found!

Now all together again, the tiny cat family is enjoying their time with one another in the safety of Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary. The kittens have been aptly named, Lilo, Stitch, Leilani and Makamae. Is there anything sweeter than a happy ending?