Anyone who is cared for by a kitty will know that – even though these feisty animals always, always get their way – they can be incredibly kind and compassionate. When a cat’s friend – human or animal – is in need of their comfort and kisses, nothing will stand in their way. Even the most seemingly aloof feline has a softer side.

Bearing this in mind, prepare to be amazed by the stunning story of Stitch, a rescued kitten who now cares for other animals in need! Stitch, along with her siblings, were cruelly abandoned in an industrial warehouse last December before being found by a factory worker who alerted Edgar’s Mission Sanctuary in Australia.


Here’s Stitch (far left) pictured with her siblings.

Stitch and her family were discovered huddled underneath a forklift in a warehouse. While mama cat might have thought this was a safe place to store her babies, unfortunately, it was anything but. Thankfully, Edgar’s Mission stepped in to rescue the little family.

Looking sweet, safe and sound in their new sanctuary home.

… and amongst them was the beautiful Stitch, who would go on to bring comfort and love to so many other neglected and maltreated animals.

Although Stitch herself is continuing to receive medical treatment for an eye condition, she has now become an unofficial “vet nurse” at the sanctuary, aiding human carers in their work by dispensing a generous share of kisses to all who need them! Her colleagues have described her as “one of the sweetest, kindest and most unassuming creatures you could ever meet.”

They have also termed this particular pose as “her best Cheshire cat impersonation,” adding that it “left them in stitches” when they first saw it.


Here she is with one of her many BFFs, Arabesque the lamb!

stitches and arabesque

 She spends the mornings taking rounds. 


 Stitch is never too far away from her beloved charges.

stitch + lamb

Can you spot the odd one out in this pic?

cat and lambs

She happily accepts kisses from Wednesday in return for her kindness.

stitches and Wednesday

 She makes a point of checking in on her lamb friends every night before they go to sleep.

stitch and lamb


Beautiful Stitch is regarded as a kind of adoptive “mother” to all those animals who are lucky enough to be cared for her by her. When it comes to challenging the stereotypical perception of cats as aloof and uncaring, she is undoubtedly one of those amazing feline heroes leading the way! Long may her compassion continue.


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All image source: Edgar’s Mission Sanctuary/Facebook