The first-ever environmental awareness charity rugby match is scheduled to take place on November 27th, 2021.

This is the first rugby match to ever be held for an environmental charity. And the leading team, the Green Gazelles, is completely vegan. Their club is made up of over 150 members, and they use their team to promote veganism, environmental awareness, and sustainability.

The rugby match is hosted in collaboration with The Word Forest Organization. The organization, founded in 2017, focuses on been planting trees in rural Kenya, where they can best combat climate change as well as local issues like hunger and poverty. All profits from the match will be donated to help fund their tree planting project.

Brendon Bale is the mastermind behind this rugby charity and is a member of the Green Gazelles. He said, “We at the Green Gazelles just want to try and help promote a more compassionate, eco-friendly, and sustainable future through our love of rugby.” He added in an emailed release, “The Big Green Clash will help us show off the impressive players in our ranks and prove that vegans can hit just as hard in a sport like Rugby. On and off the pitch, we can help kick carbon emissions firmly into touch and tackle environmental issues by promoting sustainable products, plant-based food, and raising funds to plant more trees for carbon neutrality.”

The Co-founder of Word Forest Organization, Tracey West stated, “We have to use all the tools in the box to evoke swift environmental behavior change. To support and protect our planet. I cannot think of a more convivial way to raise awareness of what our world needs right now. Then through a spectacular, plant-based sporting event. Brendon’s Big Green Clash is going to be incredible. And I’m hoping it’ll also be a doorway for more people to connect with deliciously good food in an accessible way. If you want to make a serious, long-term, positive difference to the health and wellbeing of your body and our planet. Before supper time tonight, go plant-based, it’s as simple as that. There’s tonnes of information and support out there and brilliant cooks to inspire you. You’ll soon get to grips with switches, alternatives, and completely different options for the stuff you used to eat. Before you got the memo and properly embraced planet-loving food. Welcome to the phenomenal powerhouse that is Team Vegan!”

Tickets are available at the Green Gazelle Club.

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