The super F-ing awesome blog, Thug Kitchen that serves yummy vegan food topped with delicious profanity has landed a book deal!

They broke the news in a new post on the blog, which reads as follows:

“THE THUG KITCHEN COOKBOOK IS OFFICIALLY F*****G HAPPENING. There will be a shitload of new recipes and photos that we’re cooking up just for the book. Rodale will be handling the U.S. publishing and House of Anansi is covering Canada. Right now we’re talking to the UK, so trust that the book will be across the goddamn globe.”

The anonymously written blog has experienced a pretty quick rise to fame, with thousands of Facebook fans and Twitter followers in less than a year. They even got a shout-out from Gwyneth Paltrow on Rachel Ray, who called the blog “brilliant.”

Thug Kitchen was also named the best new blog in Saveur magazine’s annual Best Food Blog Awards.

The cookbook is scheduled to come out next fall; can’t wait that long and want a taste of Thug Kitchen? Here’s how they describe their recipe for Strawberry Oat Smoothie…

SLAM DOWN THIS GLASS OF BOSS SAUCE FOR BREAKFAST AND TELL YOUR GROWLING STOMACH TO SHUT THE F**K UP. This shit has enough strawberries to give you a full day’s worth of vitamin C. Then you got rolled oats up in this bitch to start your morning with some fiber. All you have to do is fill the blender and press a f*****g button. No doubt even your sleepy ass can handle that simple shit in the early morning.

Sounds pretty f******g good! Get the recipe here.