Vegan Diet Fuels Champion Boxer Timothy Bradley to Remain Undefeated!

The public and cultural image of a vegan lifestyle is beginning to evolve. This is especially true when an undefeated boxer like Timothy Bradly is vocal about the benefits of his vegan diet. Bradly recently beat out Juan Marquez on Oct. 12, 2013 in Las Vegas. It was his 31st win with zero losses, making him undefeated. This match has also allowed him to retain his World Boxing Organization Welterweight title, reports the Miami Herald. One the reasons he cites for his successes over the last few years is his vegan diet.

Bradley adopted the veg diet while training in 2008. After his doctor recommended the change, Bradley felt a dramatic difference.


“You feel light. You don’t feel bulky or heavy. With a vegan diet you always have energy,” said Bradley to Bad Left Hook.

He offered up similar sentiments in an interview posted on MightyFighter, where the discussion focused on his vegan diet.

Bradley stated, “I feel superior over any athlete I get in the ring with.”

He also mentions his increase in energy claiming that “some nights, I have a hard time sleeping, I’m so energetic.”


Some might find it strange when athletes follow a vegan diet as it has often been believed that anyone who does is not receiving the protein they need. But in reality it seems that the plant-based regimen gives certain athletes an added edge, allowing them to excel at their sports.

Vegan boxer Derek Tresize addresses this protein myth in his article “Protein in a Plant-Based Diet: A Vegan Bodybuilder’s Perspective”. Tresize steps back and takes a wider look at how we need to consume protein, where it originates, and how we can cut out the middle man (well, animals actually).

Thanks to its many health and wellness benefits, the vegan diet is growing in popularity among top athletes. By adopting it, Bradly, Tresize and recent world record breaking strongman, Patrik Baboumian, among others, are helping crush long-held stereotypes that surround plant-based diets. It’s about time that all these stereotypes and myths are put to rest.