Nau, the eco-friendly outerwear brand recently announced that it has developed an all-natural insulation for winter wear made from coconut husks.

Cocona is a lightweight, breathable fiber derived from coconut-husk waste discarded by the food-service industry. The husks are reduced to charcoal and combined with polyester, then spun. The resulting fill has an increased surface area of fiber, which offers the main benefit of increased warmth for the weight and additionally spreads out moisture over a greater surface area. This helps move moisture away from the body, making it warm, quick drying and comfortable. Cocona also manages odor retention better than traditional polyester fill. Nau jackets use a fiberfill that is 30 percent Cocona and 70 percent recycled polyester.

“As a brand, we continue to source fibers that are sustainable without compromising the performance features of the finished product,” said Peter Kallen, Nau design director, in a press release.

Nau’s Insular Jacket will feature the Cocona lining. For more vegan-friendly outwear options, check out our detailed guide to insulated jackets that are not made with down.

Image Source: Sang Trinh/Flickr