In Lincoln County, Washington, a truck driver making a brief stop on her way noticed a suspicious Tupperware box on I-90. She saw the sealed box when she pulled off at an exit and there was something really strange about it – namely, it was moving. After taking off the lid, to her surprise, she found Charley, a little black-and-white puppy. The baby had truly a lot of luck to be found on the road and brought to safety, and now he is finally properly cared for in a foster home.

The truck driver who miraculously found the baby dog, immediately took him to the rescue organization SCRAPS, KXLY reports. Officials there were nothing short of horrified by the conditions in which the puppy was forced to live. “Food, feces, urine and water were all mixed together,” said Janet Dixon, Special Programs Manager at SCRAPS.

Luckily, little Charley seemed to be healthy and not too affected by the cruelty he had been subjected to. It was clear that his rescuer saved his life.


“I’m very grateful for this truck driver,” said Dixon.  “Had the weather taken a turn, [Charley] could have frozen to death.”

Once in the care of the rescue, the puppy received a warm bath and all the needed medical attention. “I’ve had a bath and am snuggled up in blankets,” Charley’s Facebook update said. The lucky pup is not currently looking for a forever home but is now going to live with his foster family that will have the first option for adoption.

SCRAPS is looking for information on the person responsible for abandoning the puppy in a cruel way. Anyone with any information on the case is asked to contact the rescue at 509-477-2532.

To learn more about SCRAPS, click here.

Image source: SCRAPS/Facebook