Hope For Paws was contacted about a senior dog, now named Stewie, who had been abandoned by his human family. The people responsible for the animal moved out a year earlier – and left their dog behind, completely alone on the streets. Stewie was not quick to forget about who he believed to be his friends and he stayed at the family’s old home, hoping for their return.

When the rescuers came to help the dog, he was too scared to let them come near him and, instead, ran away. But when he returned to his spot the next time, the team managed to get hold of him before he disappeared again. Unaware that the people capturing him were there to save him from living on the streets and give him a better future, Stewie was frightened and distressed – but, finally, with the help of the neighbors, he was safely in a carrier and ready for the road.

At the rescue’s vet, an X-ray showed something stunning in Stewie’s stomach – it turned out that the dog had been so starved he had started to eat rocks in order to survive. The rescuers also found that Stewie was covered in tumors – but, fortunately, they were all benign and were soon removed by the veterinarian.

Stewie was on cloud nine when he finally had a real meal and could stay in a safe, warm place. In foster care, his personality, at last, had the chance to show. Now, sweet Stewie is waiting patiently for the day he has his own loving forever home that will make up to him for the times spent on the streets.

If you are interested in adopting Stewie, visit Grand Paws Rescue. To learn more about Hope For Paws, click here.