The life of a street dog is one filled with pain, suffering, and very little hope. Organizations like the Soi Dog Foundation work hard to save as many of these innocent dogs as possible – one such dog they helped is Yuffie.

When she was first found, Yuffie had so much sadness in her eyes and it was clear that she never been truly loved. On top of that, the poor girl was scared, sick, and in severe pain. Little Yuffie had a build-up of fluid that left her with a mass the size of a watermelon on her belly.

When she was taken in by Soi Dog Foundation, she was able to receive the vital care she needed. This was largely thanks to the donations compassionate animal-lovers made to Soi to help care for animals in need. Yuffie is now an active, healthy, and happy dog that is getting all love she could ever want.

Dogs like Yuffie all across Thailand are waiting for a chance at being healthy and happy. Soi Dog Foundation works solely off the funds provided by their supporters. Each month they rescue and sterilize over 4,500 dogs and cats – as you can imagine, that is a lot of medical expenses! To donate to Soi Dog Foundation and become a member of the Emergency Response Team, click here.

If you are interested in adopting Yuffie, click here.