When Coconut the cat was first found, she was in a sad condition. Her eyes were severely infected and protruding from her head to the point where she couldn’t even close her eyelids. The beautiful white long-haired cat arrived at the Soi Dog Foundation in this state and, although it was far too late to save her eyes, surgery turned out to be the beginning of Coconut’s new life. Now, after all the pain she went through, she finally has a loving and safe home!

Coconut’s eyes had to be removed immediately after she came to the rescue.

After the surgery, the kitty spent four months at the rescue’s shelter before she was adopted in the U.S.

Coconut’s guardian, Louisa, completely fell in love with her – and simply had to give her a real home.

Coconut was her caregiver’s second adoption from Soi Dog. Before, Louisa saved a dog rescued from the dog meat trade.

Not long after Coconut found her forever home, Louise decided to adopt a second cat from the rescue, Brianne.

Now, Coconut lives in an almost royal fashion. And she most certainly deserves it!


Thanks to the dedication of her rescuers and support from kind people all around the world, Coconut’s life was saved and she found just the right home with a truly loving carer. She may not have all the senses that a typical cat does – but that does not make her any less beautiful and worthy of love and respect. And those things are exactly what she found in her new family.

You can make a donation to help save more cats like Coconut via the rescue’s website. To learn more about Soi Dog Foundation, click here.

All image source: Soi Dog Foundation/Facebook