Buster, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, has lost his tail – but it was not because of a bad accident or a nasty attack of another animal. It was because he was too happy … and he really wanted to show it!

Buster earned the title of the ”happiest dog in Scotland” when he had to have his tail amputated because, according to the Scottish SPCA, he wagged it much too hard and too often, which led to repeated injuries. After spending two years in the organization’s care, this excitable little guy finally got the best ever reason to wag what was left of his tail – he finally got adopted! Now, Buster is happily a part of a loving family and he gives back to his not yet adopted Staffie friends by launching the Scottish SPCA’s Staffie Awareness Week.


Michelle Lennox, Buster’s new caregiver, adopted him in January 2017. She praised him for being well-behaved from the very start and adjusting well to the new environment, SFGATE reports. “He can be a bit wary of some dogs, but he has made some friends in the neighborhood – he’s a bit of a ladies man!” she said.

Other things that Buster seriously enjoys are showing off his tricks and visits from the mail delivery woman. But, as can be suspected of a dog that literally lost his tail because of too much wagging … he probably enjoys pretty much everything.

Buster is now being profiled as part of the Scottish SPCA’s Staffie Awareness Week, which aims to encourage people to give homes to the amazing dogs that are Staffordshire Bull Terriers. The breed, unfortunately, is often overlooked in shelters and simply avoided by people who fear it to be aggressive and difficult. In reality, though, a Staffie is just about the sweetest friend a caring caregiver can have.

His amazing personality led Buster to a wonderful forever home and a dedicated guardian –  something every Staffie deserves to have. “People say he’s lucky we found him,” Lennox said, “but I think we’re the lucky ones.”

All image source: Scottish SPCA/Facebook