Life on an industrial farm is anything but pretty. On factory farms in particular, farm animals typically spend the majority of their short lives in cramped and filthy living quarters and suffering from a number of ailments that are left untreated (or are “pre-treated” when they are pumped full of antibiotics).

Farm sanctuaries, on the other hand, are places of salvation for former farmed animals. They consist of large stretches of green land where animals can frolic and carry out their normal and natural behaviors – where they can be at peace and finally free.


Australian sanctuary Edgar’s Mission is just one of many farm sanctuaries that provides such an environment for its residents.

Founded just over 10 years ago by Pam Ahern, Edgar’s Mission has saved hundreds of farm animals who would have otherwise died, been killed or been abandoned.

The sanctuary has grown to house over 300 rescued animals, and in order to accommodate this many residents, Edgar’s Mission has sought out new grounds to provide them with more space. And guess what? They finally found the perfect place!

“For the past two years we have scanned the internet, driven thousands of miles, trudged through paddocks, imagined infrastructure, inspected fencing, analysed soils, talked to locals, had our hopes raised only to then have them dashed all in the quest for our forever sanctuary.  But as the saying goes, ‘Good things come to those who wait,’” Edgar’s Mission reports.


Hit “play” on the video here to check out the sanctuary’s beautiful new 153-acre grounds where farm animals can forever be someones, not somethings.

Help Edgar’s Mission build out their newest sanctuary grounds by visiting their crowdfunding page right here. For more ways to get involved, please click here.

Image source: Edgar’s Mission/Facebook