It’s absolutely amazing how much credit animals give us even when they’re suffering from our inflictions. We pollute the oceans with plastic and noise, while at the same time we overfish to the point of extinction. Yet animals still manage to find trust in some humans.

In this awesome video, a group of divers are approached by an injured dolphin while on a night dive. The bottlenose dolphin swims up with a fishing hook and line attached to it’s left pectoral fin. You won’t believe how one diver ends up getting the hook and line off the beautiful creature! It involves an amazing show of trust and a peaceful exchange between two species — a great reminder how we’re all so connected, despite our obvious differences.


Dolphins have been in the news fairly often lately with the tragic events in Taiji as well as the Solomon Islands. However, dolphins are one of the most intelligent animal species on earth and we need to give them more respect and rights to a happy life as we can.  This means we need to help protect their habitat. To help, check out these great six ways to save the oceans.