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Oh, for the love of watermelons. They’re one of those fruits we can’t wait to dig into but dread dealing with after (unless you eat the whole thing, of course!). While the smaller, mini seedless watermelons are great for a single serving snacks, those larger ones can be a major pain when trying to slice and cut them for storage. There’s the option of large chunks you’ll have to wrap well, cutting multiple slices. But when you do either of these, you lose all of the delicious juice – that ends up all over your counter – which is a shame since it’s so healthy and hydrating for you.

But we need to eat more watermelon, despite its difficult-to-cut nature. This fruit is packed with vitamin C, the cancer-fighting antioxidant lycopene, and it’s even a good source of certain B vitamins. Plus, it’s a major thirst-quencher and it’s low in calories. The point? Don’t avoid eating watermelon just because it’s a pain to cut. In fact, take a few notes from this guy in this video.

Seriously now, this man has mastered cutting a watermelon in just about every way you can think of. First he takes the first few cuts to slice the watermelon in half, then makes a few more quick slices on the outside of each of the watermelon halves, and then … well, just wait until you see how he slices the middle! It’s brilliant, simple, and you end up with watermelon cubes so all you have to do is just empty them into freezer-safe baggies (or any other container) to keep on hand all week long!

You could even freeze the cubes and make watermelon smoothies with them or you own homemade sorbet! Talk about a way to welcome in the warmer months!

Lead Image Source: Iqbal/Flickr