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Dolphins are some of the most playful, social sea creatures in the wild. However, in captivity, these joyful mammals often lose their sunny dispositions when forced to live in small cement enclosures separated from their loved ones. With incredibly developed cognitive abilities, dolphins experience emotions in a very similar manner to humans (Romania even wants to pass a law granting them “personhood.“) Just imagine how you would feel if you were ripped from your friends and families and forced to live in a little box – probably not too great.

While there are many reasons dolphins do NOT belong in captivity, among the best is how stunning it is to witness them in their natural habitat. As more awareness is brought to the wrongs of keeping animals in captivity for entertainment, scientists and animal lovers alike are finding new ways to experience these marine mammals in a natural setting.

This video is the perfect example of how we can use technology to help us learn more about the majestic lives of dolphins in the wild.

With the help of a GoPro, filmmaker Kurt Roll captures a playful pod of dolphins racing their way through crystal clear waters off the coast of Mexico. By attaching a GoPro camera to the end of a rod, Roll was able to film these majestic bottlenose dolphins for a whole hour as they surfed in the wake of his boat. Catching the current of passing speed boats, dolphins love to surf in the wake for fun.

Seeing the delight of these creatures as they race and play with one another is absolute proof that there is no better way to experience dolphins!