In the prairies of the Western United States, wild horses and burros play a key role in maintaining balance in the ecosystem. Not to mention these gentle, majestic animals add beauty to the landscape and live in total harmony with other species.

And yet, for some reason, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has consistently framed the wild horses of the West as a problem over the years, insisting that they are overpopulating and having negative impacts on habitats, despite a profound lack of evidence to support either of these claims.


In order to curb the wild horse population — which, contrary to what the BLM would have you believe, is already on the decline — the organization proposed a plan to subject 225 mares to a painful sterilization procedure called ovariectomy back in 2016. Fortunately, many concerned citizens and veterinary professionals spoke out against this wildly unnecessary and barbaric act, ultimately causing the BLM to cancel it.

Now that two years have gone by and public outrage has waned, the BLM is back with another ridiculous and risky “research” proposal that targets wild horses and burros, this time working alongside Colorado State University. The BLM’s latest plan to disrupt the American West’s wild horse population consists of three horrific steps:

  1. Use helicopters to round up ALL horses and burros living in the Warm Springs Herd Management Area
  2. Sterilize more than 100 mares, many of which will be pregnant, by surgically severing and removing their ovaries
  3. Permanently take 685 horses from their homes on our public lands

What could possibly be the motivation behind this cruel and invasive plan? Why can’t the BLM just leave wild horses alone? The reality is, special interests such as cattle ranches and Big Meat and Dairy are pressuring the BLM to get rid of wild horses in order to make more room for livestock.

If we don’t do something to stop the BLM from going through with its latest ridiculous proposal, it will only be a matter of time until there are no horses left in the Wild West. So please, help wild horses keep their freedom and their homes by adding your name to this petition from the American Wild Horse Campaign. Together, we can give a voice to these innocent animals and help put an end to the senseless attacks being launched against them!


Image Source: Pixabay