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The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has released their plan for the “management,” aka the capture, sale, and slaughter, of American wild horses and burros, and as one might expect from the BLM based on their history, these plans are extreme and dangerous for the survival of these majestic creatures.

The plans include: the removal of 50,000 wild horses and burros from the range, the mass killing or sale for slaughter of 100,000 wild horses and burros, including those who have already been captured and are in “holding facilities,” and the mass sterilization of wild horses and burros who are not captured, a practice that is extremely dangerous for the natural behaviors of wild herds, who are protected under federal law.

The plan would cut wild horse and burro populations to a shockingly low 27,000; ironically, the same number that existed in 1971 when Congress set measures to protect the dying species. These plans are so outrageous that on the 14 million acres of land managed by the BLM in New Mexico, only 83 wild horses will be allowed.

Suzanne Roy, Executive Director at American Wild Horse Campaign, remains somewhat optimistic, stating, “BLM, the agency whose terrible mismanagement of this program has brought us to this place, is now proposing more bad ideas, including mass roundup and slaughter to cover for their incompetence … Rest assured, this plan will meet with strong opposition from the horse welfare and wild horse advocacy communities, which came together several months ago to produce a Unified Statement for humane and sustainable wild horse and burro management, signed by more than 100 organizations throughout the country.”

Wild horses and burros, herbivores who coexist peacefully even with grazing cattle and humans, are routinely targeted by the BLM and chased down by helicopters to be taken to “holding facilities” where they will wait indefinitely before being put on the auction block to be sold, slaughtered, and eaten in countries around the world. These actions by the BLM are largely driven by special interests, i.e. cattle ranches and Big Meat and Dairy, and if these mass killings continue, America’s wild horses, our great symbol of freedom in the Wild West, will soon become extinct.

You can help America’s wild horses and burros in several ways. For starters, spread awareness of the issues by talking to your friends and family and sharing posts like this one on social media. You can also join and donate to groups advocating for wild horses. To learn more about the serious issues at hand and how you can become involved in saving America’s equines, visit the American Wild Horse Campaign website here.

Image Source: Pixabay

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6 comments on “U.S. Government Releases Plan to Cull and Slaughter 100,000 Wild Horses and Burros”

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5 Months Ago


5 Months Ago

the blm is made up of savages doing the bidding of the cattle, mining and oil and gas industries. They do not honor nor respect life or living things. The department should be shuddered and they should be dragged off to prison. They manage nothing but death and destruction.

5 Months Ago

Officially disregarding anything from OneGreenPlanet from now on. This article completely fails to mention the fact that the horses in the American West have been introduced and are having serious impacts on indigenous biodiversity, which is one reason the BLM is seeking to curb the population explosion that is currently ongoing. Also, there is zero evidence to back the statement that such control measures would drive the horses to extinction--pure hysteria. Good luck to OneGreenPlanet with the continued spread of emotionally charged propaganda. I\'ll get environmental news somewhere else.

5 Months Ago

I\'m curious where this alleged "slaughter" is supposed to take place since the US government outlawed horse slaughter years and there are no longer any horse slaughter facilities on US soil. This fact alone makes me think the story is fake.

Cody Pritchett
5 Months Ago

Its about time the BLM is finally taking a stand to do something about the overpopulation of wild horses. All you people that want the horses around will protest to save the wild horses wont do a goddamn thing to help. all you want to do is get in the way of our government to cost taxpayers money. Your not living nxt to ranchers that have to cut their families cattle herds to save the damn horses because there are 3 to 4 times as many horses on a allotment because people are standing in the way. You city dwellers arent the ones out in the mountains watching the horses starve to death or die of thirst in the summer. maybe you ought to pull your heads out and quit making the horses suffer for your ignorance.

Ranchers murder animals for money
27 Apr 2018

Cody Pritchett thinks its ok to murder animals for profit but wild animals don\'t have a right to live out their lives. Hey Cody, there are way to many humans for the amount of food grown on this planet so do you support killing of humans to regulate their population and stop humans from having babies. Its time for Abortion for humans to be used regularly. If your gonna say there is not enough space for wild horses then how can you support humans having kids. Abortions should be mandatory and all tax incentives for children should be removed.

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