Sea Shepherd is unstoppable. In weather that would would have turned anyone in their right mind back to shore and safety, the crew of Sea Shepherd sailed out to meet a pod of whales. When a pod of 15-20 whales, many of them with calves, entered Haraldssund Fjord, between the islands of Kunoy and Bordoy in the Northern part of the Faroe Islands, they were unknowingly wandering into a danger zone.

Due to the weather, no grind had been started. The whale hunters would wait out the storm before beginning. But the land crew at Sea Shepherd saw an opportunity in the dangerous weather. Sea Shepherd volunteers set out immediately to save the whales. The narrow window of opportunity offered by the storm allowed Sea Shepherd to escort the whales out of harms way in total accordance with Faroese law. They were able to safely escort the entire whale pod back out to sea before morning, completely foiling the whale hunter’s plans.

Needless to say, the whale hunters were not happy about this. But it is important for us to remember, and for the whalers to hopefully understand, this is not a conflict between people. Sea Shepherd France President Lamya Essemlali said, “We are all glad at Sea Shepherd that no whales have died today and that those who entered the waters of Haraldssund Fjord were able to swim back safely to the open ocean. Yet, none of us see this is as a victory over the Faroese people, this is a victory for the whales.”

We hope one day everyone can fight for the whales and not against each other. But for now, let’s applaud Sea Shepherd in their valiant efforts! They are heroes to the whales they save, and to all of us.