These two precious puppies recently came to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC under the saddest of circumstances. Like so many, they were betrayed by the people they trusted most and abandoned on the streets. We can’t imagine how lost, scared, and lonely they must have felt, not knowing if anyone would help them. At only 11 and 15 pounds, the odds of survival were definitely against them, but things took a turn for the better. The brothers were picked up and taken to the Fulton County Animal Shelter where their journey to a new life has now begun.

The sweet boys, Cain and Able, are finally safe and will be going to visit the vet soon. We can’t wait to see their progress and are so happy they are in the hands of the fantastic team at Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.


The stray population in America is at an all-time high with over 70 million strays living on the streets. Six to eight million of these animals enter shelters each year. Yes, many of these pets get adopted but even more are sentenced to death or never even make it to the shelters at all. Please remember that adopting a dog is a serious commitment. Pets should be treated with the same love, respect, and care as any other member of the family. When a dog is abandoned, whether on the streets or at a shelter, it affects not only that dog in ways you can’t imagine, but also other dogs awaiting a home and even the shelter workers and rescues themselves – emotionally and financially.

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