Though she may be incredibly embarrassed by the situation, it is happily ever after for Bella the husky. The County of San Diego Department of Animal Services was called with a report of a husky stuck in a storm drain. Animal Control Officers Tiffany Mushet and Erik Mansoor arrived at the bizarre scene within minutes of the call to a white husky face peering up at them from the Encanto neighborhood storm drain.

When the officers approached, however, the dog retreated back into the storm drain. The officers quickly got to work. First they blocked the pipe at the end of the drain to prevent the dog from heading deeper into the storm drainage system. Bella was the restrained, but continued to walk down the drain – a new experience for everyone involved – until the dog and officers reached a metal grate. A onlooking good samaritan pulled up the grate, and the dog was lifted out. We imagine she tried to hide her face from onlookers as to not be recognized by her doggy friends.


Lucky for this husky and her worried family, her microchip was scanned and she was back home the next day.

Getting your pet a microchip is one of the most important things to do in case they get lost. If your pet does get out and goes missing, there are some measure you can take to find them. First, call all your local animal shelters and animal services. These will be the people who would pick your pet up. You can also try posting signs around the neighborhood in case anyone in the area took them in. Use social media to your advantage. Many cities have a lost pets page that you can follow and post to. These pages are updated with sighting as well as pictures. Your local friends will be able to share the post as well, getting the information out to as many people as possible.

Bella’s microchip definitely came in handy. We imagine she got quite the bath upon her return home. No one knows how this pup got into the storm drain, but she probably won’t be venturing down any curious holes in the near future.

Image source: County of San Diego Animal Services/Facebook