The 90s had some weird trends. Not only were scrunchies and butterfly hair clips in style, but the toys were even a little crazy. Remember the Ferby? This terrifying, yet intriguing, children’s toy was easily found in every home across the U.S. during this decade. They talked in a strange little language, blinked their giant eyes, and wiggled their bizarre ears. It seemed like these toys never ran out of battery, either. They just kept talking … all the time … no matter what you did.

Well, the Ferby is making a pseudo-comeback. They can be, once again, found on the shelves of your local Target. This Husky is displaying our sentiments exactly. Why are they making a comeback? Why are they in our house? This Husky doesn’t know what to make of the little, robotic creature. So, he does the normal thing, he freaks out! We guarantee, if a Ferby suddenly appeared in your house, you’d be freaking out as much as this dog. You get him, Husky!