Ugh, doesn’t it just seem like whenever you get used to the way things are, something new and “innovative” comes on to the scene and messes everything up? People just don’t seem to appreciate the simple things anymore; everything has to be automated or on the cloud! But of all the new-fangled technologies humans have, there is one that this old-fashioned dog just cannot get on board with … the Roomba.

We can’t help but to laugh out loud watching this curious dog sniff out the tiny moving vacuum and transition from being confused to being upset. Once the Roomba ventures under the couch, it is on! Waiting on the other side is the dog who is now in full attack mode. Tail wagging, legs poised to spring into action at any moment. Too bad it seems like this dog is more scared by the Roomba than his loud barking lets on. We feel you pup, what happened to the good old days when people used a broom to clean?