Need a little morning pick-me-up? Check out this quick video of some kind Turkish firefighters as they find puppies stuck deep inside a drain pipe and then, with an adult dog’s help, subsequently rescue the helpless little babies!

Passersby gather to watch the whole debacle go down — and, don’t worry, the result is definitely cheerworthy! The puppies seem a little flustered by the whole thing, but we think they’ll now be just fine.


We love seeing videos like this — it’s simple, but it’s quite beautiful to see humans taking the time to help powerless young animals in need. It’s also quite amazing to see how a dog can step in so effortlessly and know exactly what is needed! Animal instincts are quite amazing, aren’t they? Check out this video to see the whole thing happen, and be sure to share it to spread the good news of yet another animal “rescue!”

Image source: traffic accidents/Youtube