Ricky Gervais might be loved by the countless fans of The Office around the world, and while we certainly appreciate his humor, we are fans mostly because he is an outspoken animal rights advocate. He has donated profits from his comedy tour to animals, has lent his voice to a number of causes, including speaking out against the dog and cat meat trade, puppy mills, and SeaWorld, and he regularly calls out and ridicules trophy hunters and animal abusers.

This time around, Gervais addresses poachers and trophy hunters (essentially the same thing) and has some choice words for those he calls “psychopaths” who “like shooting things.”

In the above video posted by LADbible on Facebook, Gervais focuses on rhinos and elephants, in particular, pointing out how utterly senseless it is to kill a rhino for its horn made out of keratin, the same material that makes up our own fingernails. He then notes how equally senseless it is to kill a magnificent elephant for the sake of “trinkets” and how maddening it is that trophy hunters give the excuse of “conservation” for their kills.

Gervais reiterates his standpoint, stating: “It’s not conservation; it’s rich psychos who like killing things.”

We could not have said it better ourselves! Every 15 minutes an African elephant is killed for its tusks, Asian elephants are being poached for their skin to make blood-red beaded jewelry, and the Northern White Rhino has already become virtually extinct, with only two living females in existence today. Thank you, Ricky, for calling viewers’ attention to these serious global epidemics that affect each and every one of us and the planet’s biodiversity as a whole.

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