The issue of elephant conservation has been a hot topic lately since the Trump Administration announced they may be lifting the ban on the import of animal remains from so-called “trophy hunts.” After widespread public outcry against this choice, the President announced that the decision would be put on hold and that he now views trophy hunting as a “horror show” that does not contribute to conservation in any way. Perhaps the greatest result of this heated controversy is that the importance of elephant conservation has been brought into a major public spotlight and has inspired countless people to stand up for elephants and other endangered species.


Allowing the import of remains (like skins, body parts, and tusks) from imperiled animals provides the corrupt wildlife trade all the more leeway to get away with their vile attacks on our planet’s biodiversity. Banning the import of animal remains creates an additional obstacle for ivory traders and other corrupt individuals, and as a petition on Care2 states, many airlines have joined the global embargo on the transport of ivory and other animal remains. However, South African Airways has since lifted that important decision.

The petition explains that every fifteen minutes an African elephant is killed, whether it be from poaching or trophy hunts. Elephant populations have dropped by an alarming 62 percent in just the past ten years, and at this rate, conservationists predict African elephants could become extinct by the end of the next decade. Something must be done NOW to protect our planet’s elephants and other endangered species.

Please take a moment to sign the petition addressed to South African Airways, demanding that they stop transporting ivory and other animal remains NOW.

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Image Source: Pixabay