The thirty-second GoPro footage above was captured at the Mala Mala Game Reserve in South Africa by wildlife ranger Roan Ravenhill. The video is a bittersweet sight to all who know about the critically endangered status of the rhino, as it depicts what may be one of the last rhino “kisses” ever … unless urgent action is taken to halt this species’ decline.

The Western Black Rhino was declared extinct in 2013, the Javan Rhino was confirmed as extinct in Vietnam in 2011, and the Northern White Rhino is tragically on the same path. Rhinos continue to be extensively poached for their horns (which some believe contains “medicinal” properties), but we can help save them by raising awareness of their plight and inspiring others to take action.

For example, a newly released children’s film called “I’m a Little Rhino” is aiming to educate school children in Vietnam about these wondrous animals, in the hope of shaping a generation of future animal advocates who will speak out on the rhinos’ behalf and help end their decline. Earlier this month, the Global March For Elephants and Rhinos saw legions of concerned animal lovers all over the world take to the streets to demand an end to the illegal wildlife trade. This shows there is certainly hope for this species, but we all have to act fast if we wish to see that hope turn into tangible success for the rhino species.

To find out how you can help, check out Save the Rhino International’s website or Facebook page.