If you need something to put a smile on your face, this video won’t disappoint.

Last year, a collared tiger was filmed walking around a Houston neighborhood. The tiger, India, was eventually found and taken to Black Beauty Ranch to live out his days in peace. Three months prior, a tiger cub was found in Houston. She was being kept as a pet and was not receiving proper care. Fortunately, the tiger, whom rescuers named Elsa, was found and also taken to Black Beauty Ranch.

This summer, tigers, bears, kangaroos and all of the other residents are staying cool in the fierce Texas heat at the 1,400- acre Black Beauty Ranch in Murchison. The nearly 800 residents all have big shade trees, pools, fresh watermelon, and extra special icy treats.

Let’s take a look at how the residents of Black Beauty Ranch spend one hot summer day:

Tigers Loki, India, Theodora, and Serenity enjoy playing on the waterspouts of their pools and splashing around with their new floats and balls.

Tiger playing in a pool

Source: Christi Gilbreth/The HSUS

Cooling off and having fun with their water spouts.

Tiger splashing in a spout

Source: Christi Gilbreth/The HSUS

Of course, they also couldn’t resist a dip in the water!

Tiger playing in a pool

Source: Christi Gilbreth/The HSUS

Eve the bear even joined in for some summer fun!

Bear walking into a pool of water

Source: Christi Gilbreth/The HSUS

It seems that these rescued animals had a pretty wonderful time splashing around in their pools and enjoying the summer sun. Mother and son bears, Jackie and Russell, like to cool out in the pool for ‘total bear relaxation’.

Two bears splashing around in a pool

Source: Christi Gilbreth/The HSUS

Noelle Almrud, senior director of Black Beauty Ranch, said,

“Our residents are spending the hot days pouncing, floating, lounging, rolling around and splashing endlessly in their pools, ponds, wallows and tubs of refreshing water, or napping under big shade trees. The staff gets more and more creative every summer coming up with healthy, tasty frozen snacks to keep the animals cool and hydrated.  At Black Beauty Ranch, the lazy hazy days of summer are in full swing, and the animals are all very content!” 

It will always be a little bit sad that these animals will never get to live completely normal lives in their natural habitat. However, it’s heartwarming to know that places like this sanctuary exist to provide an enriching life – that is as close to natural as possible – for wild animals who were raised in captivity.

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