After a long week of rooting around in the mud and napping on soft straw beds, the rescued piglets at Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary are super excited for the weekend.

Sadly, many pigs are never given the freedom to run and play like Penelope Sue and Ballet Bob, the piglets in this video, because they are raised in the animal agriculture industry. In this industry, pigs are viewed as “commodities” and “food,” not as individuals. Despite the fact that pigs are incredibly intelligent and dynamic creatures, most people are afraid to see them as anything other than a non-feeling entity because if they did, they’d probably have to rethink their consumption habits.


But the kind people at Edgar’s Mission ascribe to the belief that we can all live happy and healthy lives without harming other living beings, and most importantly, that every animal is an individual in their own right. So, Penelope Sue and Ballet Bob are free to live their lives on their own terms and enjoy all the little wonders of life – like celebrating the weekend!

Play on, piggies!