If you have yet to be convinced that farm animals aren’t very different than your pets at home, just watch this video! It’s impossible to see this adorable piglet having the time of his life with a teddy bear and not see the same playful nature of your dog or cat. Louis the piglet is a resident at Goats of Anarchy who was rescued with his sister Emily. Sadly, Emily has since passed, but Louis is making sure to live as brightly as possible in her memory.

Goats of Anarchy is an incredible organization that focuses on the rescue baby goats with special needs, including those suffering from blindness, neurological disorders, amputations, birth defects, and abuse. The goats are permanent residents of the sanctuary and get to live out their lives free, happy, and safe. The sanctuary is home to over 50 goats and other animals including pigs, sheep, chickens, and a mini horse.


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