For many people, pigs and dogs do not belong in the same “category.” Pigs, just like other farm animals such as cows, goats, or sheep, are given a lower importance, so to speak, than animals we keep as pets and treat as our friends. But when we ask why, the answer is usually “that is just how it is.”

As humans, we have cultivated some animal species to fulfill certain roles. In the case of pigs and dogs, the typical roles they play are very different, perhaps even the most different they could possibly be. Fortunately, as times change, we begin to look past those roles and dig a little deeper. When we do, we discover something that could be the beginning of a big change in our perception: these very “different” animals are not so different at all.


The team at Edgar’s Mission sanctuary provides an incredible safe haven for these animals and allows people to see another side to farm animals. Sadie the pig found her home at the sanctuary this summer, and this sweet picture of her meeting one of her new human friends for the first time shows just how curious and loving pigs are.

Sadie is just one of the many pigs who has been given the chance to live their lives out in the safety of a sanctuary. Sadly, the number of pigs who are not so lucky is incomparably larger.

Contrary to popular beliefs, pigs are smart animals with amazing memory, they love being social, are capable of forming strong bonds with other animals and people, and they really enjoy their playtime and have many more fascinating qualities. The life they are subjected to within the factory farming industry is a long and painful existence of confinement and unacceptable living conditions. Luckily, more and more of us see that this reality has to change and are learning to see farm animals, and all animals, as someones rather than somethings.

This incredible awakening is thanks, in large part, to sanctuaries like Edgar’s Mission. To learn more about Edgar’s Mission and support their work, click here.

Image source: Edgar’s Mission/Facebook