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This peaceful moment between a mother and her calf was captured at Farm Sanctuary. Betsey gave birth to her precious baby weeks before the expected due date. Instead of a big to-do surrounding the birth, her caretakers woke up to a surprise one morning, and the little calf was already clean, dry, and nestled in the hay – quite the testament to her natural motherly instincts! The baby was named Nutmeg, after the gorgeous color of her coat.

While the scene in this video is very serene, Betsey’s life wasn’t always so blissful. She was “purchased” by the producers of a reality TV show to produce milk for the contestants (yes, that is a true story!). When the show ended and contestants went home, Betsey, who was pregnant at the time, and the other featured cows could have been sent to the dairy industry. Instead, they ended up at Farm Sanctuary, where they’re now surrounded by love.

As you can see from this amazing moment, the bond between a mother and her calf is undeniable, sadly, the majority of dairy cows never get to experience this love. Instead, they are forced to endure the pain of giving birth over and over, only to helplessly watch as their babies are dragged away. Knowing this, the image of this pair safe and sound in their sanctuary home is all the more heartwarming.

If you want to learn more about Betsey and Nutmeg’s home, you can do so by visiting their official website. For another amazing cow rescue story, click here.