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When most people think about cows, they automatically slot them into a category that is entirely different from cats or dogs. Thinking that cows are somehow different from the domestic animals that we share our homes with, they can justify eating a cow but loving a cat. However, when you get to know cows – and other farm animals – the differences between them and our dogs and cats begin to disappear. Cows are incredibly intelligent and emotional animals who can form bonds with people as readily as a domestic pet. Just take Ellena, the cow in this video, for example.

Ellena grew up on a dairy farm alongside the farmer’s daughter. As time passed, the daughter developed a strong relationship with Ellena and they became great friends.

When Ellena was pregnant with her second calf, she fell ill and the little girl was devastated. The cow was suffering from an abomasal displacement and it looked like the farmer would have to put her down, but when the girl came to see Ellena, she started to perk up a bit. With her human friend by her side, Ellena made a full recovery!

After this experience, the girl decided that life on a dairy farm was no life at all for Ellena and helped to arrange for her friend to move to the Hof Butenland farm animal sanctuary. Now Ellena will finally get to live the happy, long life she deserves.

While the girl is sad to say goodbye, knowing that Ellena is in good hands is worth it all. Good luck, Ellena!