An orphaned chimpanzee named Kashebere was recently confiscated from wildlife traffickers after his mother was killed. Sadly, it’s not unusual to come across a story of a baby animal who’s been orphaned as a result of human activity. Every year, millions of animals are torn from their homes by the illegal wildlife trade, which generates a profit of five to 20 million dollars annually. This trade is driven by the view that animals are commodities and it is a major factor in species extinction and tears families apart.

Thankfully, Kashebere is now in caring hands, and he recently arrived at Lwiro Primates, a sanctuary in the Democratic Republic of Congo that works towards providing the best possible care for orphaned chimpanzees.


Kashebere arrived at the center with a high fever, was very weak and didn’t have any appetite.

Being orphaned and without the comfort of your mother must be a traumatic experience, so it’s understandable that Kashebere needed time to adjust. This is the backpack that the little primate was discovered in.

Thanks to the patient caretakers at Lwiro Primates, Kashebere is on the mend! Just check out this recent video of him munching on a banana. His sweet facial expressions are just like a human toddler!


Lwiro Primates shared that Kashebere is reacting well to the medication they have given him, so we are hopeful for a positive recovery!

The idea of having a pet baby chimpanzee might seem like a lot of fun. After all, these primates are very similar to humans and possess the same playful and intelligent qualities that a human toddler might. In reality, there are many consequences that come with keeping chimpanzees as pets. These animals have evolved to thrive in the wild and when they are forced into captivity, it can cause extreme mental distress. What’s more, most exotic pet owners are not prepared to care for wild animals and end up feeding them the wrong diet or not providing enough mental stimulation to keep animals healthy.

We are so glad Kashebere was found and is in the caring hands of Lwiro Primates, where he will learn how to live in nature with other primates, like himself and will have a chance at a normal life. If you would like to learn more about Lwiro Primates, click here.

Image Source: Lwiro Primates/Facebook