Despite the popularity of dairy-free milks, it can still be tricky to find an on-the-go option for your afternoon coffee run. While of course, finding a Starbucks in Manhattan is possibly one of the easiest endeavors you can embark on, not everyone has the time to wait in line and order a specialty drink or coffee with dairy-free milk. If a consumer looking to avoid dairy instead opts for the convenience store route, they will be met with two options: bottled, black, cold-brew coffee or unhealthy energy drinks. With a large number of consumers not particularly fond of straight, black coffee, this situation poses a bit of an inconvenience. Either you have to buy a non-dairy creamer or milk along with the cold brew, taking up valuable briefcase and purse space, or simply skip the morning coffee and try to tackle the day without caffeine (not ideal).

Rebel Kitchen, a dairy-free milk company that started in the UK, has figured out a solution to this unfortunate situation: a convenient coffee beverage with dairy-free milk already infused into it. Hallelujah! Someone has answered our coffee-drinking prayers!


Rebel Kitchen’s line of “mylks” include a line of coffee beverages, chai drinks, and even a chocolate variety for those adults who enjoy their mornings spiked with a twang of nostalgia. Each beverage contains organic coconut milk and filtered water, and is sweetened with organic date nectar, to create a drink that is transparently nutritious.

Rebel Kitchen’s founder and CEO, Tamara Arbib, created the line with the “ever-busy” consumer in mind. Realizing that so many people caved into buying over-processed, unhealthy food products because they were simply easier, she knew she had to develop a product that had the same level of convenience of fast food but was made with quality ingredients.

“Through Rebel Kitchen we’re showing the industry that you can be a successful brand without sacrificing people’s health to reach your goals – and you can also have fun!” Arbib writes on Rebel Kitchen’s website.

As more people turn to dairy-free options for their coffee, there is more and more opportunity for companies like Rebel Kitchen to create innovative, and delicious products that make it easier than every to ditch dairy. Plus, if it makes getting that extra morning or afternoon burst easier … that’s quite a bonus as well!


Image Source: Rebel Kitchen