In 2013, New York-based ice cream consultant Malcolm Stogo, predicted that the frozen dairy-free desserts market would triple, if not at least double, within the next five years. Considering all the new dairy-free ice cream products that have hit the shelves in just the last year, we think his prediction will be spot on!

So Delicious, one of the major industry players in the dairy-free dessert market, which is now worth over $200 million, has been a leader in this trend as they constantly release new products and expand their line according to the newest and most popular alternative milks. Their three newest additions, “Creamy Chocolate,” “Very Vanilla,” and “Chocolate Cookies N’ Cream,” are all cashew-based. The company aimed to provide their customers with simple, traditional flavors they can add to pies, cakes, or enjoy on their own.

Shelves that in the past were completely dominated by dairy products are now being infiltrated with plant-based options. And it’s not just vegans and the lactose-intolerant that are indulging. Market trends reveal that the demand for dairy-free ice cream and dessert products has been growing exponentially and shows no signs of slowing down. So Delicious is just one of the companies that are making their presence known in the category. With companies like, Coconut Bliss, Almond Dream, and even Ben & Jerry’s expanding their lines to include dairy-free ice cream, we may soon see something close to equilibrium between the dairy and non-dairy grocery space.

“The growth of the plant-based food space has been propelled by the rapid rise in popularity of dairy-free/plant-based milks, with $2.1 billion in sales and 14.4 percent growth in total sales volume over the last two years,” said Nil Zacharias, Co-Founder of One Green Planet. “As more consumers explore and embrace almond, cashew, coconut and other alternatives to dairy, these choices are bound to extend beyond the milk aisle to the frozen dessert category.”

As So Delicious pointed out in an interview with Food Navigator USA, “in the past we were going after people with lactose intolerance…now we’re appealing to consumers that care about sustainability and animals rights, are interested in plant-based eating, or increasingly, just modern consumers looking for new healthy products.” With so many different alternative-milks, and such flavor variety, we think everyone will be able to find a frozen dessert they will enjoy from these plant-based companies.

Image Source: So Delicious/Facebook