As Green Monsters, helping animals and protecting the environment are two of our favorite things. We’re constantly asking questions about how our daily habits impact the world around us, and it’s becoming very clear that if we want to make a positive change, we need look no further than our own plates.

As a society, a diet centered around meat and animal products is the norm. USA Today recently reported that the average person consumes around 7,000 animals in their lifetime. While this number is a little shocking, most people don’t stop to also consider how eating meat impacts the planet. After all, in order to produce such a volume of animals for consumption, we need space, water, and a number of other resources to make it all possible.

When you zoom out a little and look at the impact that livestock product has on the environment, you’ll find that animal agriculture one of the largest sources of global greenhouse gas emissions, fuels deforestation across the world and contributes to unprecedented levels of air and water pollution. Yikes!

The good new is, there is a fairly simple way that you can minimize all this damage: change your diet!

Shifting to a plant-based diet has never been easier (or more delicious), and people who make the change can have an enormous positive impact on the planet and animals alike. It’s really a win for all parties involved.

If you’re thinking about making the switch or have already done so, the Vegetarian Calculator is an amazing tool that can show you how many animals you’ve saved as well as the amount of carbon dioxide that you’ve kept out of the air by ditching meat.

Chances are, when you say goodbye to meat you’ll already feel pretty great about yourself, but being able to measure the impact that you’re having is sure to make you feel 1,000 times better! To calculate your scores, click here.

So Green Monsters, how many animals and pounds of carbon dioxide have you saved? Share your numbers in the comments!

Image source: bertconcepts/Flickr