Rescuing dogs from the streets is far from easy – whether they’re stray animals who are trying to survive on their own or lost pets looking for a way back to their home and family, dogs who need rescue are generally a bit wary of humans.

Without knowing that the person they just crossed paths with is willing to help them and change their lives for the better, they can easily be more than a little hesitant of the stranger, scared of what is about to happen. In cases like that, it is the goodwill and patience of the people trying to help that saves the day.

The police officer whose encounter with a stray dog was captured in this video did exactly the right thing when the tiny pup turned out to be too frightened to trust him. The man approached the dog slowly and carefully, avoiding quick movements, and assuring the animal he did not mean harm – quite the opposite. Thanks to his patient intervention, the dog was soon in his arms – and safely out of the streets in no time!