After he was found in Modesto, California, in July 2017, a beautiful young Collie named Mitchell was taken under the wing of the organization Pupz N Palz Rescue. When the rescuers got to him, the dog was near death and his condition was nothing short of tragic. But now, he is finally getting the care he needs and deserves – and finding more and more friends and supporters.

It appears that the dog was being used as a “bait dog” during dog fights. When he was found, Mitchell’s body was entirely covered in maggot-infested bite wounds. He had a painfully swollen neck, bruises, and abrasions, as well as a deep wound from a chain leash that used to be wrapped around his neck. The injury had to be cleaned repeatedly to finally get rid of all the maggots.


As the rescue team describes, his condition was so awful that the maggots ate not only the skin but also the fat and muscle. Mitchell’s veterinarian believes that it was the maggots that might have saved the dog’s life since they help with the infection. Mitchell had to be shaved down completely to treat his wounds and he received multiple bags of IV fluids due to his extreme dehydration.

Since his arrival at the rescue, Mitchell has gone through an extensive medical treatment which included several surgeries.

He is now healing and regaining his strength in a foster family, surrounded by love. He even has his own Facebook page.

His condition was unbelievable – but this gorgeous dog is now entirely safe and, because of the care and treatment he received, he is expected to recover.


Mitchell’s trials are hopefully coming to an end – but this should not be the end of the story for the person responsible for his condition. The dog’s carers and supporters are hoping to find the responsible party. A dog company Just Food for Dogs has offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever is responsible for Mitchell’s suffering.

If you want to donate towards Mitchell’s medical care, click here.


All image source: Mitchells Fight /Vinay Visions/Facebook