Babies and puppies have to be about the cutest things on the planet. Well, along side kittens, dolphins, baby sloths, goslings (both the baby goose and Ryan varieties), seahorses…but, I digress.This is the story of Eisleigh and Clyde, the best friend baby and pit bull puppy duo who love nothing more than curling up for a nap together.

Found on Instagram, with hashtags like #pitbullsofinstagram and #dontbullymybreed, these pictures show that pit bulls are just like any other dog, despite their misunderstood and maligned image perpetuated by the media. Loyal, sweet and gentle, pit bulls love naps and snuggles just like any other dog and in this case, a little baby was more than happy to oblige her BFF.

At first it was just Eisleigh and Annie…

And then Clyde burst onto the scene!

Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my activity pad. So, hang out with me maybe?

Your feet looked a little chilly. Lemme just take care of that for you.

Some kids sleep with a stuffed teddy. This kid wins.

I sure am glad they make these baby seats for two.

So, I was thinking, maybe later we could roll around on a blanket and then we could catch some z’s in my bouncy seat, deal? Deal.

Excuse me, I’m not sure what kind of shenanigans are going on over there, but can’t you see that Clyde is trying to sleep?

This is quite possibly the most peaceful picture ever taken.

Our mommy told me that not every baby has a puppy best friend. I was all, like, whaaaat?

I could play in the yard, but I think we all know where my favorite spot is. 

All image source: Brandi Hodges