The term “lab animals” often conjures up images of white rabbits and mice or rats, but dogs, goats, non-human primates, as well as pigs are also used in cruel experiments. In fact, there are over 100 million animals subjected to painful cosmetic and pharmaceutical tests in the U.S. every year. But for one lucky pig named Alba, who was used for burn testing in a laboratory, she now has a second chance at life and will become a spokesperson for anti-animal testing.

Alba spent eight long weeks of her life being burned over and over again for developmental “research” for a particular product. The two other pigs in the laboratory were sadly euthanized. 

After dedicated rescuers saved her from the laboratory, Alba then spent the next eight weeks of her life receiving medical attention and was also spayed. Alba now calls Rancho Relaxo, a rescue farm in New Jersey, her home.

Rancho Relaxo reports that, remarkably, you would never know the suffering Alba endured at the hands of humans. All She wants to do is cuddle and give kisses. She knows she is safe!

Alba will now become an anti-testing advocate for the millions of animals still in laboratories. Rancho Relaxo urges their supporters to, “Please pay attention to the labels on the products you buy – shampoo, mascara, cleaning products – so you do not throw your money at companies that test on animals.”



Pigs are sensitive, intelligent animals that have been dealt a terrible blow from humanity. Instead of being treated with the dignity and respect due to all animals, most pigs born today will know only cruelty and brutality for their entire short lives. Add in the fact that animal testing has been proven to be highly ineffective and inaccurate, and it just seems like cruel and unusual torture.

It’s time to let animals out of the world’s laboratories. As consumers, we can work to end this cruel practice by looking for products that have a “cruelty-free” label, which signifies products were made without the use of animal tests. The more interest consumers show in cruelty-free products, the more likely that brands and companies will opt to create items that do not involve this outdated practice.

You can also support Cruelty Free International, the leading organization working to end animal experiments worldwide. To learn more, click here. And please share this post to help raise awareness about the millions of pigs, just like Alba, who deserve our love and respect.

And please share this post to help raise awareness about the millions of pigs, just like Alba, who deserve our love and respect.

For more information about Rancho Relaxo and to make a donation towards their life-saving work, click here.

Image source: Rancho Relaxo/Facebook