When we think of those who suffer in dog fighting operations, we naturally think of Pit Bulls or other large breed dogs trained to fight. However, dogs are not the only animals who suffer in the corrupt and violent dog fighting world, other animals are also used as bait in dog fighting rings, including kittens and pigs.

According to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), hog dog fighting, commonly known as “hog dog rodeos,” is a cruel practice that has been occurring for at least 25 years in states all across the South. Considered a family pastime, feral pigs, or hogs, are presented before a snarling dog who has been trained to attack. To prevent the pig from defending itself, its horns are cut off. The result is a certain “victory” for the dog while a handler casually pries the dog’s jaws of the pig’s bleeding flesh and a crowd cheers.

One of these pigs used as bait in these hog dog fighting operations was Jude, a sweet, gentle pig who was rescued from the side of the road and given refuge by the Houston Mini Pig Rescue.

This is Jude, a sad face of the cruel reality of hog dog fighting. 



Jude was rushed to the vet, where his injuries were so severe and numerous that it was suggested he be euthanized. His injuries included an eye filled with pus and maggots, a badly inflamed ear that had to be cut off, bloody rope burns on his legs and neck, broken teeth, and his tusks had been removed. Despite all this, rescuers refused to give up on him, and they brought him home to give him the love and TLC he deserves!

We certainly hope that this little one pulls through and is able to experience the happy and pain-free life he always deserved.

If you are appalled by the acts of the cruel dog fighting industry, please share this story with your network to help further educate people about the reality behind this type of “entertainment.” If you are able, please consider making a donation to Houston Mini Pig Rescue to help assist Jude on his long road to recovery.

Image Source: Houston Mini Pig Rescue & Network/Facebook