After a long day in the office, there is nothing better than coming home to unwind. You snuggle yourself onto the couch and sit back to listen to some soothing classical music played by your pig, just an average evening. Wait … what? Well, if you are the caretaker of the pink little piggy in this video, then this actually might not be out of the ordinary.

Although most people don’t think of pigs as anything other than “food,” these animals are amazingly intelligent. It can take years of training and practice for the average human to perfect the piano sonata, but this pig seems to have gotten it down pat!


So while you might have friends who think that pigs are dirty, unrefined animals, just show them this wonder pig and start breaking those stereotypes! All too often we underestimate the wonderful abilities of these animals, but as this piggy proves, when we just let them be themselves, the results are pretty fantastic!