The Catskill Animal Sanctuary in Saugerties, New York rescues farm animals, advocates social change to end their exploitation, and promotes a vegan lifestyle. They recently welcomed an adorable farm animal family to their sanctuary, but this is no ordinary family.

This adorable bunch of four consists of Russell the pig, Daisy the mini-donkey, and Curly and James the pair of sheep. Russell was adopted from Catskill Animal Sanctuary in 2011, but after his owner could no longer care for him, he returned to his former home with Daisy, Curly, and James in tow.

Caretakers at the sanctuary say this interspecies family is so tight-knit that they are only comfortable together and become nervous in the presence of others. They hope and predict that with time and a lot of love, this fantastic four will begin to trust them and adapt comfortably to their new environment.

This sweet video reveals the complex social bonds animals can form, regardless of species. Farm animals are individuals with undeniable personalities, and society ought to stop viewing them as inferior creatures to be exploited for a profit.

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