Before the coronavirus pandemic, some of the greatest health risks to humans and the planet included pollution, climate change, and other environmental issues. Of course, with thousands of people getting infected and dying, our priorities had to shift and we have to focus on overcoming the pandemic, but the truth is those other threats did not disappear. Yet, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is using the pandemic as an excuse to relax their rules and allow massive damage to the environment.

The EPA, because of the coronavirus, has loosened the enforcement of businesses. They will allow mass polluters to cause massive damage to the planet with little to no repercussions.

Corporations can cause a lot of damage in little time and they cannot be allowed to do their worst. As this petition explains: “The rules that will be relaxed (retroactively to March 13th, 2020) are the same ones that are intended to keep big manufacturers from polluting the air and water to levels that cause dire human and environmental destruction. Without these rules, manufacturers have no reason to limit their emissions or stop dumping toxic waste into our drinking water. That should scare us all.”

One health crisis should not worsen another because climate change is still a global emergency. Sign this petition to demand the EPA does not walk back their air and water pollution policing during this pandemic.

Sign these other petitions that are incredibly important during these times:

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