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The coronavirus pandemic has begun to affect the United Stares in a scary way. It hit China and Italy really hard, and infected people around the globe. However, the United States was vastly underprepared for something like this. Not only are there not enough masks and gowns for the nurses, doctors, and other first responders fighting on the frontlines, but there are nowhere near enough hospital beds or ventilators.

It was estimated that there were approximately 100,000 ventilators in all of the United States when this began. In the worst case scenario, the United States would need 7 times more hospital beds than we have. Space is also needed. China, and Wuhan specifically, acted quickly to set up 16 temporary hospitals in stadiums and centers. Because they had the space to take in patients, they eventually stopped having new cases.

With non-essential businesses shut down in the United States, there is space to set up temporary hospitals as well. People can stay home to flatten the curve as much as possible, but there are still many cases and many patients who need treatment. The government needs to do what they can to provide the necessary supplies to hospitals. Doctors and nurses are fighting on the frontlines with their health at risk, they should at least be prepared.

Sign this petition demanding that the federal government do what needs to be done to provide hospitals with the necessary supplies.

Sign these other relevant petitions as well:

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