Before the coronavirus outbreak became a full-on pandemic, it was advised that people who are sick wear masks in order to prevent getting others sick and slowing the spread. However, with millions of cases and thousands of deaths, it’s now advised that everyone wear masks if going out in public. The government has been updating citizens with guidelines to follow and medical advice from the CDC. Yet, Donald Trump and Michael Pence have been doing public tours while ignoring the very guidelines they tell citizens to follow.

Trump went on a tour of a new face mask factory and wasn’t even wearing a mask. In the photos and videos, he appears to be the only person not wearing a mask. Similarly, Pence visited the Mayo Clinic where he greeted patients and had zero protective gear on, not even a mask. Since then, plenty of white house staff members, including Pence’s press secretary have tested positive for COVID-19 and Pence does not plan to quarantine for the mandatory 14 days one is supposed to after being exposed.


These actions on behalf of people in political positions of power are dangerous. Not only are they walking around as if they’re invincible but they could be fueling the people who protest against necessary shutdowns or those who want to reopen states too early at the cost of thousands of lives.

Sign this petition to tell Trump and Pence to follow their own guidelines and wear a face mask while engaging with the public. Nobody is above COVID-19.

Sign these other petitions that are important during this time:

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