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While keeping your pup on a leash may seem constrictive at times, doing so helps prevent unnecessary accidents. After all, dogs don’t know all of the dangers of an industrialized world. Cars are simply giant toys to chase, the street is as safe as the lawn, and a train track is simply a bumpy road that needs to be crossed to get to the other side. Unfortunately, while domesticated dogs can be kept safe, for the most part, by their guardians, stray dogs have to maneuver the dangerous world on their own.

Sometimes they get into sticky situations that can be fairly easily solved, and other times they get seriously injured and can go unattended for hours, or even days. Recently, on the streets of India, a stray dog was struck by a train that cut off her leg. Train travelers heard the pup’s wailing screams after the freak accident and when they found the severely injured animal, they immediately called the Animal Aid Unlimited Rescue Team.

The pup was found hobbling around the train station, clearly in a lot of pain. 

In addition to pain, the poor pup was terribly frightened – constantly moving when Animal Aid’s rescue worker inched closer. Eventually, the team decided to employ a blanket to grab the pup and calm her down.


Since the pup had lost so much blood, the rescue team had to wait several days before amputating the remainder of the leg. 

Once that painful ordeal was done, Animal Aid named the pup Florence and gave her the care and love she needed so badly. Now she’s thriving! 

She gets plenty of head scratches and nuzzles…

…and gets to play with other rescued pups! 

Florence has undergone an amazing transformation, to say the least! 


Although we wish that Florence had obviously never gotten struck by a train, at least she is now under the safe and knowledgeable care of Animal Aid Unlimited. Pet homelessness is a huge problem in the U.S. and around the world, one that we can all play a part in solving. To learn more about Animal Aid Unlimited and their mission to help stray dogs, visit their website.

All Images Source: Animal Aid Unlimited